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Jewellery should be sensuous


No party without my Clutchy !

I love pearls with everything or...NOTHING.

Luxury Fashion Jewellery And Accessories

Stylish Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Clutches and More in Unique and Beautiful Designs

No party without my Clutchy..

Glam Confidential's version of the most glamorous "Doggy Bag" ever.

Handcrafted with the finest Diamante crystals and luxurious lining.

The precious Bijou Clutch you can't do without.

A real show stopper.

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Seen on the Red Carpet

Because the Stars love our dazzling creations. 

Our natural stones and glistening crystals stunning necklaces will give you this coveted  "red Carpet" look.

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Pearls are the gems of Queens

Glam Confidential's pearls are of top quality with an AAA rating.

Their superb orient will complement any outfit for any occasion.

Whether you are a "jeans & pearls" kind of woman or a classy understated one, these stunning creations will be a key piece to your jewellery box.

Because Pearls are the Queen of Gems.

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Sparkle and Let them stare ...

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